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Across the country, Will is captivating business audiences with his inspirational journey from surviving the tsunami to becoming an entrepreneur.  Will's customized presentations focused on your corporate theme, current initiative or corporate identity will help drive your team's productivity to the next level and make a lasting impression on your business culture! For more information, call 916-596-0001or email More Information  
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How do I setup a cooperate event?
Give us a call at (916) 596-0001 and we will be more than happy to talk with you to setup your next corporate event.
What kind of events does Coach Will do?
Coach Will gives inspiring speeches that will help motivate your employees or community. Will can customize his speeches to your event. As an entrepreneur, golfer, inspirational leader, whatever message you are looking to relay to your group, Will can deliver.
Does Will come to corporate golf events?
Yes, Will can come and help with your golf event. He can lead a workshop prior to the event and be on site to give pointers.
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Eric Jason Kundinger
Solid first time using The Scoring Method tonight.
One thing I really liked was the system seemed to free me up as I looked at the round in a different way. I seemed to calculate the shot at hand better which led to better misses.

Interested in having Will Robins as a Guest Speaker or Golf Host for your Event?

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